The Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) is a process that can be integrated into robots or large machine tools and is applied to pieces of high added value. At present, the main manufacturers of machine tools worldwide are implementing the process of LMD in their machines, which are known as hybrid machines. Although there are already some hybrid machines available in the market, it is still a little mature technology and for its industrial application it requires a greater deepening in the development of auxiliary elements, programming systems, control, etc.

In this sense, the PARADDISE project aimed to make a quantitative and qualitative leap in laser-based additive manufacturing technology for metallic components, by increasing the reliability of the LMD process, its integration with subtractive processes, and by developing a set of tools and ad-hoc technologies that facilitate the integration of LMD with consolidated conventional manufacturing methods. In this way, there will be scope for wider adoption of this technology in larger and more numerous market segments. With the aim of achieving this overall goal, the project aimed to develop the following tools:

      1) A Database integrating process and materials knowledge

      2) CAx technologies with embedded database about combined LMD and machining processes

      3) An efficient monitoring and control system

      4) Smart components with integrated sensors

      5) An integrated process-machine-tools package

The PARADDISE solution has been integrated in the ‘ZVH45/1600 Add+Process’ hybrid machine from IBARMIA manufacturer (PARADDISE partner), which is already available in the market as well as at TECNALIA’s facilities (PARADDISE coordinator). In addition, this solution has been tested through 2 industrial use cases: i) A rubber extrusion screw (Michelin); and ii) a LPT Case (GAN).

For the first use case, the PARADDISE project has served to fabricate or recondition extrusion screws to significantly enlarge their life for tire manufacturing. As a result, MICHELIN has installed, during the PARADDISE period, an IBARMIA Hybrid machine at the facilities of Clermont-Ferrand. This hybrid machine is larger than the one available at TECNALIA but features the same laser source and LMD head elements.

For the second use case two approaches were applied. The first one addressed the verification of the feasibility of the manufacturing of the entire LPT case by LMD. The second approach addressed the deposition of LMD features (bosses, rails and flanges) over a previously fabricated base case. Most significant results are related to the second approach and, within such results, the deposition of Inconel 718 feedstock with the purpose to perform repair activities to the LPT cases should become a strong candidate for effective industrialization.


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