The overall objective of PARADDISE project is to boost and spread the use of Laser Metal Deposition technology along the life cycle of value-adding metal components, by providing to stakeholders of manufacturing value chain a productive and reliable solution for combining LMD and subtractive processes in the same hybrid machine in a cost-effective way, with a structured knowledge about LMD processes together with CAx technologies, smart components and monitoring and control systems that will be developed ad-hoc for this hybrid solution.

The underlying idea behind this approach is to rationalize, to structure and above all, to make available to those stakeholders knowledge and tools for enabling the integration of LMD process in the lifecycle of metal components for the cases in which the sustainability of those operations has been fully ensured at the design stage. With this view, smart components, digital tools and monitoring and control system will be developed ad-hoc for the combined LMD and machining processes (turning and milling) and integrated in the ZVH45/1600 Add+Process hybrid machine from Ibarmia manufacturer, already available in the market as well as at Tecnalia’s workshop (PARADDISE coordinator). Altogether it will constitute a unique PARADDISE solution for hybrid manufacturing of large-scale metallic components.

In particular, the PARADDISE objectives are:

  • To develop a Knowledge-Based Expert Database integrating process and materials knowledge about combined LMD and machining processes as well as related normative and standardised procedures with the aim of assisting manufacturers of value-adding metal components.
  • To develop CAx technologies with embedded database about combined LMD and machining processes for enabling engineers to design and fabricate metallic products of complex geometries
  • To develop and implement an efficient monitoring and control system, including
  • To develop and integrate Smart components with integrated sensors which will increase system flexibility, reliability and productivity while minimizing costs.
  • dTo develop and implement an integrated Process-Machine-Tools package to asses and validate the quality and the economic, environmental and productivity improvements achieved with the PARADDISE approach with respect to current state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for large-scale metallic components