Project Exploitable Results


The PARADDISE project obtained 11 Exploitable results:

1) Hybrid Machine for LMD and Machining (milling and turning), with integrated smart technologies.

2) Closed loop technology for hybrid manufacturing for SINUMERIK 840D for the control of layer height and powder mass flow rate.

3)  A smart LMD Head with integrated interferometric sensor unit (IDM).

4) A Smart powder feeder using the FlowWatch sensor, integrated into the test setup in Munich as well as the transfer to the ‘ZVH45/1600 Add+Process’ hybrid machine.

5) Monitoring system for metal LMD process based on layer height, melt pool size and temperature, and powder mass flow rate.

6) LMD materials and process database: composed by 12 technical tables containing the relevant information for the process in terms of productivity, geometry, powder efficiency, MDR (Material Deposition Rate) and microstructure as a function of process parameters for the following materials: Inconel 718, Hastelloy X, Eutroloy 16606, Eutroloy 16006 (equivalent to Stellite 6), Colmonoy 56 and AISI 316L.

7) CAx technologies for hybrid manufacturing: Creation of a new module in NX with no restrictions and focused on LMD and machining combination, including:

CAM module based on API designed to offer different additive strategies for 3-axis and 5-axis.

a CAE module based on previously developed model for laser cladding process simulation called LATHEM.

A virtual simulation for collision free deposition has been integrated into the CAM module.

8) Metal powder recycling system: system and procedure to reuse the metal powder wasted in LMD process, which can be as high as 80% depending on the configuration and spot size. The results show that manufactured parts maintain the physical properties and the integrity after 5 cycles of recycling.

9) International Standards on test methods and procedures for the characterization of Aerospace parts produced by AM technologies

10) Hard coating Extrusion Screw by means of hybrid technology

11) Measuring system integrated in machine for part detection and location based on structured light technology.

Regarding dissemination, exploitation and standardization activities, the most relevant results achieved have been:

More than 30 dissemination activities (scientific papers published + oral presentations in conferences)

Participation into 4 exhibitions

- Patent and 1 patent application

Report on the business plan of ISO TC 261 as well as on standards of other ISO and CEN TCs that are relevant for AM technology.

Participation in 7 Standardisation meetings