Project Impacts


In view of the developments and progress made, the PARADDISE project opportunity is focused on the development of solutions and technologies that accelerate the introduction of the LMD + machining process in the market.

PARADDISE will spread the AM within industrial partners and networks a view of PARADDISE AM Services as an evolution of conventional manufacturing, as a means for overcoming this socio-cultural limitation.

Concerning the direct impact of PARADDlSE on job creation among key stakeholders of the manufacturing value chain, the main quantitative leap will come from the PARADDISE Services Ecosystem that will be created during the project life, and that will cover services along the life cycle of mechanical products of complex geometries. These services will start at their conception and design stage, offering services linked to optimally designing parts to take most profit for LMD+Machining operations as well as for optimally selecting the appropriate combination of operations. These services will also include the manufacturing stage, offering services such as appropriate tuning of machine parameters and maintenance services. Finally, there will be additional services such as training to employees interested in implementing the PARADDISE approach in their processes.

On the other hand, there will be also remarkable job creation linked to the development of the PARADDISE results. This job creation will cover qualified profiles such as software engineers for the PARADDISE CAx technologies, design engineers for designing appropriate components and equipment for the combined LMD+Subtractive, production engineers for supporting customized and on-demand manufacturing of complex parts, lawyers for defining IPR for the new developments, etc.