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MESIC 2017, Scientific publication, UPV/EHU

CMH 21, Publication, Tecnalia, Ibarmia, UPV/EHU, Michelin

  • The objective of this work was to select the best material from Fe-, Ni- and Co-based alloy powder for coating, by Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) the filets of a hardened 42CrMoS4 extrusion screw without preheating process. Even though most of the articles recommended preheating the base material as a condition for a crack free coating, the time wasted in the process decrease the productivity and distortions can be also generated in the part. In this work, a comparison of the main characteristics of the coatings done on preheated and non-preheated base material has been made. The relationships between the relevant LMD parameters (feed rate, laser power, and powder feeding rate) and the main geometrical characteristics of a single clad (height, width, dilution, deposition rate, efficiency, etc.) were examined. In addition, different characteristics of overlapped clads in a preheated, non-preheated and a hardened base material have been also analyzed. All the study was made in the Ibarmia ZVH 45/1600 Add+Process hybrid machine with a high power Yb-Fiber laser (3 kW) and discrete coaxial LMD head. Coatings with thickness from 1.2 to 0.76 were created without cracks and other defects except in the case of Ni-based coating. The microstructural features of these coatings were studied using optical and scanning electron microscopy. The mechanical properties were determined using microhardness measurements and a pin on disk tribometer.

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  • The deliverable 1.3 titled “Report on New Business models for the use of PARADDISE solution” is focused on the potential exploitation of the global solution proposed in the PARADDISE project, as well as the commercialization of singular results of the different WPs. The deliverable include a short overview of the current technologies and the benchmarking analysis and specifications in comparison with PARADDISE solution. Finally, the deliverable presents the potential business models detected at the end of the T1.3.