This document extends and updates the content and the scope of Deliverable D6.3 − Report on the business plan of ISO/TC 261 as well as on standards of other ISO and CEN TCs that are relevant for AM technology. In conformance with the commitment of the Description of Activities, PARADDISE project representatives are very actively participating to the work ISO/TC 261 Technical Committee including all its Working Groups and including a significant number of Joint ISO/TC 261 – ASTM F42 Groups. The PARADDISE project maintains a liaison with CEN/TC 438 Additive Manufacturing and is very actively participating to its works. The minutes of the 4th meeting of CEN/TC 438 propose the adoption of the PARADDISE project (and of the KRAKEN project) activities (outlined in Figure 1 of Chapter 3. of this document) as a valid approach to be applied by other EC co-founded research projects related to Additive Manufacturing.