Effects of the Nozzle Tip Clogging and the Scanning Direction on the Deposition Process During Laser Metal Deposition of Alloy 718 Using a Four-Stream Discrete Nozzle

geometry. In these cases, the use of discrete coaxial nozzles is recommended. With this type of nozzle, the powder can clog the internal tips of the nozzle streams due to an inappropriate shape, size distribution, humidity or temperature conditions of the powder particles during the deposition process. This undesired effect can be an opportunity depending on the combination of the activated powder tips for coating complex surfaces when the geometry of the substrate acts as a barrier for the powder stream. This work presents for first time the effect of the scanning direction and the stream clogging on the deposition process in terms of powder efficiency, Material Deposition Rate (MDR) and clad geometry and dimensions, when Alloy 718 is deposited by LMD using a four-stream discrete coaxial nozzle,