Geometrical Model and Strategy in Single and Multilayer Structures Deposited by Powder-fed Directed Energy Deposition

This work presents a geometrical model of coatings fabricated by powder-fed Directed Energy Deposition (DED) and defines guidelines and manufacturing strategies for multilayered structures based on the geometrical model results. This model obtains as output both the overlapped clad geometry and the dilution area of the coating at different input parameters and defines the strategy of multi-layer structures. The results of this work validate the model that comes in handy: a) To understand the influence of each parameter and the single clad geometry when fabricating coatings and structures; b) To select the parameters depending on the requirements of the coating like effective thickness and dilution; c) To detect lack of fusion with the substrate due to an excessive overlap percentage; d) To select the deposition strategy and the tool path for additive manufacturing; e) To select the subsequent machining strategy based on the predicted geometry of the model.