Thermomechanical analysis of additively manufactured bimetallic tools for hot stamping

A comparison between a conventional AISI H13 hot stamping tool and a bimetallic tool consisting of an AISI 1045 core and a laser-deposited AISI H13 coating is performed. In order to analyze the performance of bimetallic tools, the material compatibility and quality of the coating are analyzed. Besides, the mechanical properties are evaluated and compared with those of the conventional tool, obtaining mechanically equivalent results. Nevertheless, the real conductivity of the laser deposited AISI H13 is found to be 16 % lower than the theoretical value. Hence, a thermal model of the hot stamping process is developed, and the performance of various coating thicknesses is evaluated. Results show that, in the present case study, an AISI 1045 tool with a 1 mm AISI H13 coating ensures the mechanical properties and reduces the cycle time by 44.5 % when compared to a conventional AISI H13 tool.