Use of the structured light for the manufacturing of a coating on a hot stamping die by hybrid manufacturing

With the development of the new concept of hybrid machine, which combines additive and subtractive manufacturing in the same machine, new opportunities for automation of applications such as the repairing of defective parts or theadditio n of coatings with specific properties are coming out. In these applications, the need for the use of measurement systems has been revealed, in order to know the real geometry of the parts. Among the different measurement systems, the structured light technology presents many advantages for this process: it is capable of measuring parts of different sizes and with low texture in a single capture, and additionally, the lighting conditions don’t affect to the measurement due to the camera has it’s own light source. In this article, different applications of structured light technology for hybrid manufacturing are presented. In addition, an example of the application of this technology is also described, which consists in the manufacturing of the coating of a hot stamping die. For this, the ZVH 45/1600 Add+Process hybrid machine from Ibarmia manufacturer has been employed.