Ibarmia Innovatek S.L.

Ibarmia Innovatek S.L. (www.ibarmia.com)

IBARMIA IINOVATEK is a company belonging to the business group of machine-tool sector IBARMIA, dedicated to making manufacturing CNC solutions based on machining centers. The group consists of 78 people in total. The company is owned by seven people.

IBARMIA Technical Department is currently composed by 15 people who are divided into three teams led by the Technical Direction: a) Engineering Design and Production; b) Electrical and Electronic Engineering; c) New Development Engineering. It is this last team, supported by the electronic design, which leads all R&D. To successfully carry out the various projects relies on outsourcing to different agents, most notably the TECNALIA (FATRONIK) research center, which IBARMIA is a founding member along with other national industry leaders. The IBARMIA-TECNALIA relationship is continuous, since their activities are complementary, working primarily in the areas of advanced manufacturing processes, mechanics and ICT.

IBARMIA INNOVATEK has a long history in the development of R&D in both individual projects and consortium projects, many of which have served as coordinator. Ibarmia has participated in industrial research projects of different types, from projects managed at the level of the Basque Country to European strategic research projects with technological and industrial partners from different countries. Among the technological highlights specialties dominated mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics and fluid mechanics. Its production capacity includes both the assembly phase component, which takes place in modern facilities designed specifically for that purpose, such as machining parts, made in IBARMIA PRECISION.