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Precitec GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1971, has gained an international reputation for being an expert in providing complex system solutions for laser material processing, especially in the field of sensor technology. The expertise in the implementation of sensors covers the area of cutting technology as well as the area of welding technology. All the integrated sensors raise the efficiency and the robustness of the systems itself and the reliability of the laser processing applications the components are installed. In this project two main fields of work are in demand, the experience in design and manufacturing of processing heads as well as the sensor technologies, especially in the area of process monitoring and quality control of laser material processing applications and the overlap of these two fields, integration of suitable sensor devices into processing heads at the maximum.

Precitec disposes of a worldwide sales network to guarantee a reliable support of all customers. To cover this Precitec maintains branch offices in the USA (since 1996), in Japan (since 1998), in France (since 1999) and in China (since 2004).

Precitec’s products are highly innovative and protected by more than 100 patents. Precitec participates in the project PARRADISE  as a component manufacturer and a systems provider in combination with development and integration of suitable sensor technology.

There is a long tradition and broad experience within Precitec in the field of process monitoring within laser materials processing, nevertheless laser cladding as a “low temperature” process requires new sensor approaches, which will be part of the work within PARRADISE. The work of Precitec and the project partners comprises the development of systems for process monitoring and control (PMC) and quality assurance (QA). The focus will be on capturing different process situations, providing essential data on the dynamics of the AM process. This will be achieved in a new approach by combined detection of relevant machine and process input parameters. Specifically, measurement of quantifiable process variables will be conducted in order to include the effects of any disturbance that may occur during processing. The final goal is the integration and validation of the systems in the manufacturing chain of the AM products.